The technical study area

Site-based programming will be an important feature of the center

River Learning Center

Environmental Learning Center and National Park Service Headquarters

The Great River Passage initiative is partnering with the National Park Service and other stakeholders to conduct a feasibility study to build an Environmental Learning Center at the Watergate Marina, as proposed in the Great River Passage Master Plan. The center would be open to the public for year-round recreation and education, and connected to the larger trail systems and surrounding community. The project also presents a unique opportunity to partner with the National Park Service, which is currently looking for a location to build its headquarters and locate its programs and events.

Technical study

To study this opportunity further, the Great River Passage Initiative and four partners have commissioned a technical study to evaluate the possibility of creating a combined Environmental Learning Center and National Park Service Headquarters at Watergate Marina. The technical study is the next step to turn this idea into reality. It will help partners and stakeholders understand the possibilities for the site and determine potential challenges to resolve. The study will evaluate and include:

  • Programmatic needs for both users
  • Interior and exterior spatial requirements and opportunities
  • Site analysis
  • Regulatory and contractual processes and restrictions
  • Design and phasing scenarios
  • Leadership, ownership, partnership, programming, and funding considerations
Technical study partners:
  • Capitol Region Watershed District
  • Friends of the Mississippi River
  • Great River Passage Initiative
  • National Park Service
  • Mississippi Park Connection