photo: Peter Myers


The Mississippi River has always flowed through Saint Paul, its current carrying the rich history of our city’s people, culture, nature, and more. But over time, we have become less connected to both its past—and future.

In addition to our three key projects—we also work to tell the stories of the Mississippi River, bring together organizations that are working along the River, and ensure Native partners play key roles in designing our projects as we shape a shared vision that centers and celebrates Indigenous culture and history. You can read more about our work at the links below.

Because Saint Paul’s river flows through Dakota homeland, Great River Passage Conservancy has been working since its inception to cultivate relationships with tribal communities and ensure indigenous leaders play an active role in every step of the design process.

Voices of the River is an ongoing micro-documentary series that shines new light on the river, through the voices of the people who know it best.

Great River Passage Conservancy’s convenings have brought together more than 100 partners over the years in an effort to hold the center, bring the different plans and players together, and form a coherent approach to work along the Mississippi River.

Projects in the High Line Network transform underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes. Great River Passage Conservancy is a proud member of this incredible group of organizations.

The river narrative toolkit is an all-inclusive guide to talking about Saint Paul as the River Capital and promoting its position on the banks of the Mississippi River.