Working in partnership with the City of Saint Paul’s Great River Passage Initiative, the Great River Passage Conservancy leads advocacy and private fundraising efforts for our three key capital projects  along Saint Paul’s 17 miles of Mississippi River.

These projects will re-orient people to our great river by building environmental stewardship, community health, and economic development as we create opportunities to experience the river in new and equitable ways.


Our mission is to raise resources that support the community’s vision for connecting Saint Paul’s two greatest assets: Its people and the Mississippi River.


We envision a Saint Paul that is The River Capital, where we bring the river back to the center of our public life and live not just by—but with—the river. Our work will:

  • Build greater awareness of and access to the river for a larger, more diverse community
  • Create shared experiences that bring people together to enjoy the river landscape
  • Promote a culture of care and respect for the environment
  • Improve community health and well-being by creating places that are beautiful, safe, welcoming, and accessible to all
  • Spark economic development and contribute to the commercial and economic vitality of the river


As a core value since our founding, equity guides the Great River Passage Conservancy’s work in making Saint Paul’s 17 miles of Mississippi River welcoming to all.

We acknowledge that the river flows through the traditional homelands of the Dakota, and that centuries of systemic exclusion have made natural spaces, including the river, less accessible to Indigenous people and other BIPOC communities. The Conservancy believes everyone should be able to participate fully in the recreational, educational, social, and economic opportunities the river offers.

As an organization whose vision is to bring the Mississippi back to the center of public life in Saint Paul, we have the opportunity to build a new, more inclusive relationship to the river. To ensure that all our projects are welcoming to a range of communities, we collaborate with a diverse group of partners whose work helps people of color, of all ages, and of different physical capabilities experience the land, water, art, and culture of the Mississippi.

We are fully committed to pursuing policies and programs that address systemic injustices and ensure that the river is beautiful, safe, and accessible. Read more about our commitments, strategies, and goals here.

We are the river, and the river is for all of us.