Voices of the River is an ongoing micro-documentary series that shines new light on the river, through the voices of the people who know it best. Click on the photo to hear firsthand from the people who live, work, recreate, commute or commune with the river.

Pig’s Eye Island Resident

Born and raised on Pig’s Eye Island in the East Side River District, Linda Larson LaChapelle shares her family’s unique history living on and with the river.

Kapiosa Village Descendant

Cole Redhorse Taylor reflects on his personal connection to our great river, and shares what the East Side River District/Pig’s Eye Regional Park means to the Dakota people. 

Biomass Fuel Manager

Meet Jeff Guillemette, a biomass fuel manager at a wood chipping facility along the Mississippi River. Jeff provides fuel to District Energy Saint Paul to help power the City of Saint Paul.

Urban Wildlife Photographer

The Mississippi River is a powerful place for Monica Bryand, a West Side resident who documents the urban wildlife with a kayak and a camera.

Adopt-a-River Volunteer

Meet Paul Nordell, who spent 25 years of his career organizing volunteers to clean 6.5 million pounds of trash from the Mississippi River in Saint Paul through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Adopt-a-River program.

Houseboat Resident

Nature and urban living meet on a houseboat in the Mississippi River. Meet Stephanie Stoessel, a Saint Paul resident who loves living in a national park and capital city.