East Side River District map

East Side River District

Creating a combined vision for the east Saint Paul riverfront

Saint Paul’s East Side is a wonderfully diverse area of the city. This is especially true along the Mississippi River where ecology, landscape, history, culture and institutions combine in a complex and exciting way. This area of the river – what we call the East Side River District – has many shared uses, including Dakota homeland and sacred sites, industry, parks and recreation, and natural areas that serve as a bird migration route.

In order to enhance and better connect the area with the rest of the City and region, the Great River Passage is partnering with state, local and tribal organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to create a world-class vision for the East Side River District and a public landscape that everyone can enjoy. The combined vision includes the area bound by the Mississippi River on the south and west and the bluffs to the east and north.

Through a comprehensive, integrated design process, the vision for the district will fulfill the following goals:

  • Enhanced connection to and throughout the area
  • Orientation for parks users
  • Authentic, place-specific destinations
  • Identity reflecting the rich, complex nature of the district