photo by Erin D. Carter

Great River Passage Presents: Voices of the River

The identity of the Mississippi River starts with the people who engage with it. It is the people – from all walks of life – who live, work, recreate, commute or commune with the river that define its personality. Saint Paul’s Great River Passage has set out to share these stories.

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Paddle Share

Mississippi River Paddle Share

The Mississippi River Paddle Share is a self-service kayak rental program that hosts a 6.3-mile route down the Mississippi River in Saint Paul.

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East Side River District

Creating a combined vision for the east Saint Paul riverfront

The East Side River District is an area in Saint Paul full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes.

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Environmental Learning Center

Environmental Learning Center and National Park Service Headquarters

The Great River Passage initiative is partnering with the National Park Service and other stakeholders to conduct a feasibility study to build an Environmental Learning Center at the Watergate Marina, as proposed in the Great River Passage Master Plan.

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Saint Paul River Balcony

Connecting downtown to the Mississippi River

The River Balcony is envisioned as a publicly accessible balcony running along the full 1.5 miles of downtown Saint Paul’s Mississippi River bluff.

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Saint Paul’s Eco-Friendly Goats

Goats are roaming the Saint Paul riverfront to help maintain and enhance natural habitat

To care for the parkland near the Mississippi River, the City of Saint Paul is introducing grazing goats to select parks. This initiative is a part of a strategic, multi-year approach to manage invasive species along the river. These goats will help reduce overgrowth by eating unwanted vegetation like buckthorn and garlic mustard.

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