Three capital projects will transform Saint Paul’s riverfront into centers of river-oriented activity that provide diverse, authentic landscapes and experiences.

Mississippi River Learning Center

The Mississippi River Learning Center is a city-led project combining a mixed-use, river-focused space and a National Park Service headquarters at the Crosby Farm Regional Park, serving as a national gateway to the Mississippi River with year-round river learning and outdoor recreation experiences on and along Saint Paul’s river.

River Balcony

The River Balcony is a proposed 1.5-mile promenade along downtown Saint Paul’s river bluff, connecting public spaces, civic landmarks, and development sites, providing new connections to the river and sparking economic development along the riverfront.

East Side River District

East of downtown Saint Paul, the 1,000-acre East Side River District is a  dynamic urban landscape where historically incompatible uses can comfortably coexist and:

  • Reveal the complex systems and stories of the area
  • Heal a compromised landscape
  • Connect to and throughout the area
  • Protect sacred and significant Dakota sites