We are excited to share that the Minnesota Legislature awarded $8 million to one of our key capital projects, the Mississippi River Learning Center – a mixed-use, river-focused space where people will experience the land, water, and culture of the Mississippi River! 

A component of the Legislature’s new bonding bill, this funding will go toward the advanced design and engineering of the River Learning Center, which includes a space for the National Park Service, and will serve as a national gateway to the Mississippi River with year-round learning and outdoor recreation. Once that final, detailed design is in place, the project will be able to go out to bid for construction, putting the Learning Center one step closer to transforming our relationship to the river.  

To each supporter, stakeholder, and project partner who served as an advocate for our future Mississippi River Learning Center this session: Thank you. Your support is what makes this exciting progress possible! Stay tuned for more opportunities to celebrate and engage in the next steps of the process. 

Learn more about the Mississippi River Learning Center and estimated project timeline here.

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