Great River Passage Sites and Routes: Self-Guided Tour of Three Capital Projects

At the center of our work are our three capital projects: the River Learning Center, the River Balcony and the East Side River District. These projects will create three centers of river-oriented activity that will provide diverse, authentic landscapes and experiences.

We’ve put together self-guided tours to guide you through each site.* These tours will help you visualize how the capital projects will transform our riverfront and support our mission to connect Saint Paul’s two greatest assets, its people and river, as we build the river capital.

Click HERE to download these self-guided tours and visit the river today.

*Please note that due to COVID-19, several of the public access points to the East Side River District are closed. We will update the map and tour as the situation changes.

River Learning Center/National Park Service MNRRA Headquarters

Experience the land + water + culture of the Mississippi River

The gateway to the Mississippi River, welcoming residents and visitors to this national feature with four-season programming that promotes stewardship and teaches the culture, history, and ecology of the river.

A. Two Rivers Overlook
B. Historic Fort Snelling
C. Hidden Falls Regional Park
D. Watergate Marina and two bays
E. Crosby Farm Regional Park
F. Pike Island/Witatanka
G. B’dote

  • World class, forward-thinking architecture and landscape design
  • Four-season indoor/outdoor space for hands-on programming that teaches the culture, history, and ecology of the river
  • Safe water access

Project Phase: Fundraising for Schematic Design

River Balcony

Reimagining Saint Paul’s unique perspective of the river

A 1.5-mile promenade that extends along Downtown Saint Paul’s signature Mississippi River Bluff and down to the river. The Balcony transforms urban infrastructure into public space that connects parks, civic landmarks and private development the length of Kellogg Boulevard.

A. Xcel Energy Center/RiverCentre
B. Science Museum of Minnesota
C. Public Library
D. District Energy
E. City Hall
F. RiversEdge development
G. Kellogg Mall Park
H. Union Depot
I. Viking River Cruises

  • A signature landscape and urban design celebrating the river and bluff
  • A year-round regional destination that is a convergence of experiences
  • Connects the landmarks and institutions along Kellogg Blvd. to one another and the river

Project Phase: Schematic Design

East Side River District

Reveal, Heal, Connect, Protect a complex river landscape

A dynamic landscape where historically incompatible uses, such as industry, infrastructure, wildlife, and culture, can comfortably coexist.

A. Wakan Tipi
B. DNR Regional Headquarters
C. Barge Terminal 1
D. Super Fund Sites
E. Pig’s Eye Heron Rookery
F. Red Rock Barge Terminal
G. Pig’s Eye Regional Park
H. Waste Water Treatment Facility

  • Reveals the complex systems and stories of the area
  • Heals an environmentally compromised landscape
  • Connects to and throughout the area on year-round, safe and accessible roads and trail systems
  • Protects sacred and significant Dakota sites

Project Phase: Fundraising for Schematic Design