Saint Paul’s Eco-Friendly Goats

Goats are roaming the Saint Paul riverfront to help maintain and enhance natural habitat

To care for the parkland near the Mississippi River, the City of Saint Paul is introducing grazing goats to select parks. This initiative is a part of a strategic, multi-year approach to manage invasive species along the river. These goats will help reduce overgrowth by eating unwanted vegetation like buckthorn and garlic mustard.

Invasive plant removal is a part of the City of Saint Paul’s routine park maintenance efforts. Using goat grazing, however, is a new, ecologically sensitive approach for maintaining and enhancing natural habitats. Goats are ideal animals for this work because they can easily navigate steep bluff terrain and are light on the land. They can also eat brushy, woody vegetation and plants that are hazardous to other animals.

The goats are back for 2018 season!

On April 25th we welcomed the herd from Goat Dispatch back to Saint Paul. They will visit riverside parks throughout the 2018 Season. The goats have completed their Spring work at Crosby Farm Park.  Not only were the goats busy grazing, they were also busy adding to the herd.  As of May 18th, four baby goat kids were born.  All kids, and their moms, are doing great! Next stop, Indian Mounds Park. Continue to track their whereabouts on this page.

Goat Accomplishments 2017

From May- December  2017, 37 goats helped reduce overgrowth in Indian Mounds, Crosby Lake, and Hidden Falls Regional Parks. The grazing served as both the ecological maintenance of 33 acres of land and a passive public program that attracted more than 55,000 people.

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