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History of Great River Passage Phase 1

February 2015 – Great River Passage Interpretative Plan

The GRP Interpretive Plan is comprised of the initial fact finding “Foundations Report,” plus additional investigations and information from other sources; including community outreach, and site visits along the river by the consultants, Parks staff and TAC members.


August 2014 – Great River Passage Interpretative Plan Foundations Report

The Great River Passage (GRP) Interpretive Plan is one of the first implementations of the GRP Master Plan. The Interpretive Plan will provide information about the historical, natural, and cultural resources along the Passage and recommendations for interpreting the stories and resources of the Mississippi River and Passage. Through the interpretive planning process, the project team will identify and engage with stakeholders and will actively seek ways to include the many cultures and communities who have knowledge and stories to share.

This Foundations Report summarizes initial public engagement efforts. From these foundations, the project team will develop the Interpretive Plan.


October 2013 – Updated Great River Passage Master Plan Now Posted!

Great River Passage Plan (All Chapters – Optimized for Web)


June 16, 2011  Public Meeting

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June 16th Celebration Flyer


April 14, 2011  Public Meeting

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Community Task Force Section

March 15, 2011 Framework Plans  –  Community Task Force Meeting

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12.14.10 – Community Task Force Meeting

01.11.11 – Community Task Force Meeting

04.14.11 – Public Meeting