Angie Tillges is the Great River Passage Fellow. She is a public space artist and educator who is skilled at working with public institutions and community organizations on projects of social, artistic, and ecological importance. She leads projects that provide people the opportunity to make personal and lasting connections with public spaces in their communities.

Tillges recently served as Senior Program Specialist for the Chicago Park District’s Department of Culture Arts and Nature where she spearheaded cultural partnerships and developed a public database of cultural space within the city’s250+ fieldhouses. Prior to that, she was Associate Artistic Director for Redmoon, a Chicago-based public art and spectacle organization from 2007-2013 where she facilitated projects with neighborhoods, schools, and community groups throughout the city. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and aBachelor of Fine Arts degree from Hamline University.

Tillges is a member of the Place Lab Ethical Redevelopment Salon at University of Chicago, which investigates national trends in creative redevelopment. She is currently involved in public education as a review panelist and committee member for Ingenuity.